My writing

Here are perm links to the articles and other writing I have done outside of my blog.

“High-Performance I/O with Java NIO,” Dr. Dobb’s Journal, August 4th, 2005

“Ant + Dependencies = Savant,” The Server Side, July, 2004

” J2EE security: Container versus custom,” JavaWorld, July 26, 2004

“Go with the flow,” JavaWorld, February 14, 2003

“JavaServer Faces 1.0 Early Access Draft,” Software Reality, October 6th, 2002

“AJAX Authentication with ACEGI”, November 29, 2006

One thought on “My writing

  1. Brian:

    I just (randomly) came across your website. Yeah, hibernate sucks.

    Ok, since you do this sort of stuff, I’ll mention that I too have
    just released an open-source O/R mapping tool.

    I’m aware that there are many other such programs out there. But this
    one is very special because it’s simple (no xml configuration !
    yay) and has been well tested with multiple databases (postgres and
    mysql). I’ve also used it in production enviroments so the
    generated code has most bugs squeezed out by now.

    If you have a minute, you can check it out at:

    MollyPages also has a server-side page type thingy but with
    much cleaner syntax (compared to JSP) and very easy typing
    (look ma, no “shift” key for _any_ open/close tags)

    I’d be quite happy if you take it for a spin and give me
    some feedback, (or write an article about it).

    Best regards,


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