Dependency Management Standardization

David Lloyd and I are working on getting some standards together for dependency management. We are hoping that this will help unify projects and provide the ability for all the different projects to use the same repositories. Please join us for the discussion if you have ideas you want to share. Here are the details: […]

Google Code

Dan Moore posted about my Google Projects idea and apparently Google is already doing this. It’s called Google Code and is available at Naturally I needed to see what they had done with it. First off they decided not to tag it as beta like they do so many other things they release. Here’s […]

Configuration vs. convention

My buddy Dave Thomas has an interesting blog entry concerning convention vs. configuration. I’ve given it a considerable amount of thought today because it is something that hits you square in the face when switching between frameworks and languages (i.e. WebWork to Rails and back each day). Both have upsides and downsides and nothing seems […]

Savant dialect dependencies

I just finished a large refactoring of the Savant dialect code in order to add support for dialect dependencies. Since it is always ideal to break down pieces of functionality into logical units and then introduce well defined dependencies, I went ahead and did that with Savant dialects. I was thinking of using traditional getter/setter […]

Savant dialects versioning

I’m being kind hardcore with the separation of dialects in Savant (a dialect is a collection of plugins – for example there is a Java dialect with a compile plugin). The reason being is that I feel dialects should not interfere with each other in the same manner that web applications should not. Java has […]

Another XML object generator

I’m doing it again! I’m writing another XML object generator for savant. Why on earth would I do that most will say? 1. Others like digester, JAXB 1.0, jibx, just make life difficult because they don’t handle multiple errors within a document. At the first sign of an error, they bail. Some Savant configuration files […]