Handling Rails 404 and 500 errors

I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to handle 404 and 500 errors in Rails. This is not simple and actually really annoying. Hopefully future versions clean this up because right now it sucks pretty badly. Anyways, I found a page on the wiki and some other blogs, but the issue […]

Programming languages IM conversation

Here’s a conversation between James and I that started on dynamic languages and went on a tangent about languages, revolutions and evolutions. Ponch: I’ve just been working on Naymz stuff lately. Also tinkering with Groovy and using it with an MVC James Humphrey: haven’t heard any good things about Groovy James Humphrey: hearing a lot […]

Ruby reflection 'requires' a lot

I’m been doing some work in Ruby to build a parser framework and I wanted to have pluggable parsers from the command line. I figured this would be simple because in Java it actually is pretty simple, as long as the pluggable parser is in the classpath. Well, with Ruby, this isn’t quite the case. […]

Eeck more Ruby parser crapola!

Oh my god! This one pass Ruby parser is really annoying. Here’s todays example that doesn’t compile: DICTIONARY = create_dictionary def MyClass.create_dictionary … end Yep, you got it, this blows up with a nice error message stating that the variable or method named create_dictionary couldn’t be found. Move the constant definition below, everything is fine. […]

RoR plugin woes

I’m been doing a lot of work with RoR plugins trying to make things generic. The RoR plugin mechanism is just plain horrible. Plugins do not work like most ruby classes because they are loaded in a slightly convoluted way and most errors end up getting swallowed by RoR. Of course this can be fixed, […]

Making jEdit like IntelliJ

First download JDK 1.6 and use that to run jEdit. I also add this tweak to the command line: -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true Also, remove the -server option. No clue if that is gonna help at all in JDK 1.6, but things are blazing fast without it and I assume Swing likes it without. Next, download these plugins: […]

Configuration vs. convention

My buddy Dave Thomas has an interesting blog entry concerning convention vs. configuration. I’ve given it a considerable amount of thought today because it is something that hits you square in the face when switching between frameworks and languages (i.e. WebWork to Rails and back each day). Both have upsides and downsides and nothing seems […]