My interview with Ed Yourdon

I had a great interview with Ed Yourdon last week. Ed has put together a summary of our conversation on his blog. I’ve also put a post together to respond to the experience Ed had with his Naymz Google ad. This lives over on the Naymz blog. It covers a bit about how Google ads […]

Bluprints 0.1

I finally got fed up with Tiles and wrote something new. Naymz had a bunch of random exceptions in the logs and almost all of them were caused by Tiles. I started digging and eventually just got mad at the whole situation. WebWork had repackaged tiles and apache was still supporting the Struts tiles. I […]

Naymz has launched!

For those that don’t know what I’ve been up to for the past month or so, the site I’ve been working on has launched. The site is located at I’ll give a quick run down of what we do and what technologies we used. First of all Naymz is an online identity site. We […]

Domain DNS

I just tried to setup DomainDNS for the DNS and found out after a number of headaches that this service is completely dead. There 7 lookup servers aren’t contactable on port 53. So, in case anyone is wondering, ( is completely worthless.