What happened to Newegg?

Something is very wrong with Newegg. They used to be one of the best places to buy computers and electronics online. Now they are horrible. Here’s my list of issues with them: Lots of misleading product information. We recently bought a monitor that claimed it supported 2560×1440 resolution when in fact it didn’t. The DisplayPort […]

Friendster can't even send email

I’m surprised that Friendster is even still around, but today I got an email from their CEO and it had the entire MIME body in the message. These guys can’t even figure out how to send email. X-Campaign-ID: 8002 X-Campaign-Type: 1 X-Message-Ref: 19lGRwmaJkSjEf8FZP7XSCijJOJhOejGu832ySW13bA* Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”—-_=_FSter_001_3251309519900466″ MIME-Version: 1.0 This is a MIME email, the first […]

Restoring a SubVersion repository from an old backup

I have recently gone through the exercise of restoring a medium sized SubVersion repository from an older backup and wanted to share my experience with everyone. First, the problem: The problem After you restore the older backup, if any work was performed between the last backup and when the repository crashed, the repository will be […]

Mozilla Thunderbird image in signature

Adding an image to you HTML signature in Thunderbird requires a slight HTML hackery. You need to locate the image on disk and add the IMG tag with the src attribute using the file URL of the image: Linux: <IMG src=”file:///home/brian/.mozilla-thunderbird/image.jpg” alt=”Cool”/> Windows: <IMG src=”file://c:/foobar/image.jpg” alt=”Cool”/>