Google Code could be EXTREMELY dangerous

I host a number of projects including JCatapult over at Google code. We use the wiki over there for our documentation because it is simple and centralized. The wiki is stored inside the SubVersion repository and when you update the wiki it performs a commit to the repository. Pretty straight-forward. One of the project members, […]

FCKEditor is touchy (especially with SiteMesh)

First off, let me just say that I don’t like any rich text editors very much. They are all a messy mix of HTML, JS, CSS, etc. There isn’t anything out there that is truly clean, feature rich and performs well. FCK has always been my least favorite, but I thought I would try 2.6 […]

Do we really need code reloading?

With Grails, Rails, Python, etc offering developers the chance to change code, hit refresh and see the changes I often wonder if reload truly a feature that is a must have these days? It seems like it is one of the main selling point by most of the folks pushing those frameworks. I think this […]

JCatapult M1 today

I’m releasing JCatapult milestone 1 as I type. This is the first major release of JCatapult and the first of two milestone releases before 1.0 is released in March. This release is stable and contains the majority of the functionality that will be included in 1.0. The documentation is still in progress, but anyone is […]

HttpServletRequestWrapper, Tomcat and forwards

I’ve been working on getting the JCatapult security framework to leverage Struts actions rather than a bunch of configuration and additional custom code. In order to pull all of this off, I had to modify the HttpServletRequest in order to make it seem like the requested URI was different than the original request URI. I […]

The new year

It’s 2008 and I’m hoping to start blogging more regularly again. To start, I figured I’d tell my readers my plans for 2008. Here’s the quick run down: 1. Continue building Inversoft’s Profanity products and increase sales I did a lot of work last year getting the profanity database and filter working well. These products […]