The new year

It’s 2008 and I’m hoping to start blogging more regularly again. To start, I figured I’d tell my readers my plans for 2008. Here’s the quick run down: 1. Continue building Inversoft’s Profanity products and increase sales I did a lot of work last year getting the profanity database and filter working well. These products […]

The hunt has slowed drastically

The person who left the last comment has not yet revealed themself but they did state that they did not sign up for the GMail account. This is a bummer, but doesn’t mean that the hunt is off. Perhaps the secret GMail person will find my blog and post a few clues. In the meantime, […]

Something very strange happened today. Someone signed up for a GMail account using the address and they used my email address as the secondary email. So, naturally I received a verification email and wondered whether I was sleep coding last night and happened to sign up for a random GMail account or if James […]