Hibernate/JPA with missing tables

For some of the Inversoft products I’ve been adding new tables for new features into our standard schema. The tricky part with updating the database is also giving customers all the update scripts that they need to run and instructions on how to run them correctly. I figured I’d see what happened if I added […]

Hibernate Pitfalls part 3

In the two previous episodes we looked at implicit updates and delayed SQL and the consequences of these pitfalls. In this episode we’ll explore the pitfall known as cache fetching. This pitfall occurs when you have a EntityManager that you do many operations with, including updating and selecting the same objects many times. We’ve seen […]

Hibernate Pitfalls part 2

This is the second installment of the Hibernate Pitfalls montage. Before we get to this one, I’d like to sum up some comments from the previous one. First of all, I did rename the series. Someone suggested that my title was a bit off and I agreed. Second, many folks wrote in to tell me […]

Hibernate pitfalls part 1

This will be my first episode in a series of posts regarding Hibernate. I’ve already posts a few sporadic posts about Hibernate, but now I’m collecting everything into a few well directed posts. These will all be using JPA rather than Hibernate APIs. I’ll finish off with a post about other JPA solutions and how […]

Grails thoughts

Grails command-line utility is based on Ant. This seems really cumbersome to me since Ant is the complete opposite from a CLI framework. Some of the more annoying things are the lack of CLI switches and lack of the ability to pass parameters. Instead it reads from stdin when doing pretty much anything. Like this: […]