Ego interviewing

I received a reply to my Google post today. Since I get a lot of spam, I filter everything on this blog. Usually any comment that comes in I just make sure it isn’t porn or spam and approve it. This one was extremely interesting, but not very compelling, mostly because it was posted anonymously. […]

Google interviewing

The phone screen Question #1: How would you go about making a copy from a node in a directed graph? This I had done before for Savant’s dependency tree. I had never distributed this type of operation, but since the operation is simple on a single machine distribution seems to be just a matter of […]

JVM restarts

I was reading the last news letter from the guys over at JavaLobby and Matt Schmidt mentioned something about restarts. Here’s his comment: Sometimes It’s Ok To Restart Your JVM Now, I’m sure I’ll catch a flack for saying this, but I’m definitely not the first. Sometimes, it is ok to just restart your JVM. […]

Harry potter madness!

I got the official email from Borders today about pre-ordering my copy of the next Harry Potter book. Unfortunately their online ordering system for the book has been down all day. They obviously weren’t expecting such a huge response and probably sent out the same email to all 500 million folks who signed up to […]

The 8 fallacies of distributed computing correction

I have a correction for the 8 fallacies of distributed computing that I think is relevant and as far as I can tell it has not been widely discussed. 3. Bandwidth is infinite I think it is more appropriate that this be 3. Resources are infinite Bandwidth implies a networking constraint in which data cannot […]