Bluprints 0.4 released

Bluprints 0.4 is released. The website has a lot more information about how to use it and it also has the JavaDoc available for those that want to code directly against the API. This release has a bunch of new features including namespacing and multiple files and much more. You can read up about it […]

I stand corrected

I stand corrected with respect to the SubVersion support. I did go to the second page previously, but can be slow at times and the page did not completely load (honestly), so I assumed the option didn’t exist. Here’s a snapshot of the option: But, since I had been monkeying around with it […]

Google Code

Dan Moore posted about my Google Projects idea and apparently Google is already doing this. It’s called Google Code and is available at Naturally I needed to see what they had done with it. First off they decided not to tag it as beta like they do so many other things they release. Here’s […]

Bluprints 0.1

I finally got fed up with Tiles and wrote something new. Naymz had a bunch of random exceptions in the logs and almost all of them were caused by Tiles. I started digging and eventually just got mad at the whole situation. WebWork had repackaged tiles and apache was still supporting the Struts tiles. I […]