How to get JQuery and TinyMCE to work

I was just having a ton of issues getting JQuery and TinyMCE to work. Sometimes loading of TinyMCE would hang and never complete and other times I would lose my tinyMCE or jQuery objects for some reason. Well, I’m not sure what the error was, but I finally got it working. It seems that you […]

AJAX with ACEGi finalized

Ben Alex and I have been working recently to finalize the inclusion of patch I made for getting AJAX login to work with ACEGI. After a number of very constructive conversations and looking at some of the new features in 1.0.3, Ben and I decided to remove the patch and instead leverage a pure configuration […]

AJAX redirect example

I’ve been having a good discussion with some ACEGI users about my patch for AJAX and ACEGI. There are a number of other solutions out there and some contention about redirects and AJAX. The W3C specification for the XMLHttpRequest states that all browsers must support redirects transparently. Here’s the link: The specific section is: […]