Fixing macbook wake up problems

One of the family Apple notebooks (a Macbook) was having some issues waking up from sleep periodically. It was also having issues when the lid was closed the fan would constantly spin as though the machine was overheating. I took the machine into the only Apple store I trust (the main tech there is pretty […]

Generic variable to the current type

I just noticed that I’ve been using the Builder pattern with method chaining a lot. Looks like this: FooBuilder builder = new FooBuilder(); Foo foo = builder.add(…).divide(…).multiple(…).builder(); The issue that arises is that I want to store a bunch of methods in a base class that various builders can use. In order to do this […]

Inferred typing

I know that .Net 4 is going to have some pretty cool features around dynamic typing and C++0x is also adding some auto typing features. I was thinking about all of this today and realized that what I really use most of the time is an inferred type. Essentially it would infer a new type […]