I can't sell a laptop on Craig's list????

So, some of you might have seen that my latest laptop purchase has been a complete disaster. I’ve decided to sell it and switch entirely to Apple hardware and software because at this point I just need an OS and machine that I can count on and is some form of Unix. The only ones out there that almost fit this bill are Apples. With Linux, there is always something.

I figured I would put it up on Craig’s list, save the fees and make it really affordable. Thus far my experience with Craig’s list has been absolutely horrific. Not a single person has responded to my posting that is actually in my area and NOT a scammer. I’ve received a number of emails asking me to ship the laptop to Nigeria after payment via PayPal, but those always sketch me out, even with PayPal for the money transfer. I’ve heard of folks using PayPal and then the credit card companies coming after them later for a refund.

It seems that people are still in the habit of using eBay for everything computer related. I find this sad because Craig’s list is much better on both sides because it is free.

As a last ditch effort, before I eBay this machine, I figured I would post my Craig’s list posting to my blog and see if anyone that reads my blog might be interested in the laptop. Here’s my Craig’s list posting for anyone that might be interested:


4 thoughts on “I can't sell a laptop on Craig's list????

  1. Many people sell many things on craigslist every day. Your item must be crappy or overpriced.

    I know many fellows of the foot clan that run Fedora or Ubuntu on IBM laptops and develop in Java / Eclipse succesfully every day.


  2. you might try lowering that price, too.
    i know you got the spazzed out RAM on there, but if you start at 1500 or so, or phrase it carefully, then you might get closer to what you initially paid.

    can you not just return it to where you bought it?

    doesn’t seem like you’ve had it that long, and they might only charge you for shipping and repackaging.

    (should have gone apple from the git-go, though)



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