Lenovo X300 is a BIT over-price

Found this funny. Looks like Lenovo has some issues in their pricing application today. I was planning on purchasing an X300 at some point, but with their new price tag of $11,000, I just don’t think I can afford it. Haha

Google Code could be EXTREMELY dangerous

I host a number of projects including JCatapult over at Google code. We use the wiki over there for our documentation because it is simple and centralized. The wiki is stored inside the SubVersion repository and when you update the wiki it performs a commit to the repository. Pretty straight-forward. One of the project members, […]

Multiple Tomcat instances Debian scripts

I opened a new Google Code project to manage the scripts I wrote that allow multiple instances of Tomcat to be run on Ubuntu. These scripts are now fully open source (more so than before I guess) and available to everyone. They are also more up-to-date than they were in my previous blog post about […]