Inversoft is Official!

Today is marks the first day that Inversoft has a full time employee and is officially a company. We incorporated almost 2 years ago, but merely to formalize our intentions. We started making a very small amount of revenue last year and in late 2006 and now the company is reaching a point were it makes sense to have a dedicated person working on everything.

Over the next month, Inversoft is planning a number of very cool things. Rather than blog about them here in detail, I’m going to be setting up the official Inversoft blog at Once that is active, I’ll be outlining the plan there. This blog will continue to be my technical dumping ground so to speak.

One thing to look for this week or early next is our fully redesigned website with our new logo and brand. This re-branding has been a year in the making and thanks to Josh Wills over at We Are Super Ordinary it is finally finished and looks AWESOME!

Anyone that is in Colorado or going to be here this Friday, come join me for drinks out to celebrate this next step for Inversoft. Drop me an email or a comment on this blog and I’ll send you the details.

Go Inversoft!

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