Your framework sucks and I almost lost my job

Just read Bob’s post from a bit back about XML and annotations and it occurred to me that Bob’s like the rest of us. We LOVE pointing out flaws in things that annoy us! My string of “Why Hibernate Sucks” posts pulled in a ton of comments when they first appeared just like Bob’s post […]

My latest Ubuntu setup

I’ll keep editing as I go: Install LaunchBox bash$ sudo apt-get install gnome-launch-box bash$ gconf-editor Open apps->gnome-launch-box->bindings and set activate to <Super>l This allows gnome-launch-box to be activated using the Windows-L shortcut. Next setup gnome-launch-box to start automatically. Open System->Preferences->Sessions and create a new Startup Program. I use this command line: /usr/bin/gnome-launch-box -t -n Install […]