Google is an easy target

I just got done reading the latest Cringley which of course revolves around my favorite bunch, Google. (For those who don’t know me and didn’t hear my quite amusing story, I interviewed at Google and after the phone screen, 2 Colorado interviews, and the Cali interview they told me I couldn’t code and passed on […]

SSH login problems

I have had a whole rush of SSH login problems that I finally figured out thanks to the Ubuntu forums. There are a number of symptoms including these debugging messages when logging using ssh -vvv server: debug1: An invalid name was supplied Configuration file does not specify default realm debug1: An invalid name was supplied […]

Linux looking good, behaving badly

I’ve been trying to get my Linux machine to look nice and this has been causing some amount (read LOTS) of headaches. I just wanted to start a post about all the things that Linux folks need to fix in order for Linux to look nice and work well. Compiz – Focusing in compiz is […]