Mozilla Thunderbird image in signature

Adding an image to you HTML signature in Thunderbird requires a slight HTML hackery. You need to locate the image on disk and add the IMG tag with the src attribute using the file URL of the image: Linux: <IMG src=”file:///home/brian/.mozilla-thunderbird/image.jpg” alt=”Cool”/> Windows: <IMG src=”file://c:/foobar/image.jpg” alt=”Cool”/>

Vista morning ponderings

I’ve tried to post this message 3 times this morning and three times I’ve lost the post. First it was IE7 sucking and then it was my hosting company sucking worse and finally I’m starting over again. This time I’m keeping it short. Here’s my morning thoughts. VIsta looks freakin’ amazing! Looks aren’t everything, but […]

MSDN is down

I just went over to MSDN to look for my product keys from my subscription which I received at last years Microsoft Technology Summit. However, looks like someone really messed up a deployment of that application and I got one of those nasty ASP.Net errors, which anyone who has ever developed in .Net knows very […]

Visual Sucking 2005

I’m convinced that Microsoft hates developers and leaves them as the last group of individuals it is concerned about when developing software. I’ll write about all sucking from Microsoft later, but for now, just enjoy these images of how Microsoft supports their developers. Visual Studio 2005 Professional from Microsoft Of course, JetBrains to the rescue!!!! […]

Why IntelliJ will always win

Besides my reasons for loving IntelliJ with respect to the keyboard support, I have found a new reason why IntelliJ will always be a better solution and well worth the money. They actually fix bugs. You buy the product and report a bug, they take it seriously, even if it is something somewhat minor. Here […]