Nasty JDK varargs bug?

I may have just hit a nasty JDK varargs issue. If you have two constructors with the same number of non-vararg parameters and one of them has an additional varargs parameter, you need to be very careful which is called. Here is the code: public void foo(Class klass, String str, String… names); public void foo(Object […]

Handling Rails 404 and 500 errors

I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to handle 404 and 500 errors in Rails. This is not simple and actually really annoying. Hopefully future versions clean this up because right now it sucks pretty badly. Anyways, I found a page on the wiki and some other blogs, but the issue […]

Firefox tab navigation

Finally found the plugin I was looking. It is called called Swift Tabs. Every other application I use provides the flexibility to change the next previous tab keys, and even though I had the option, the defaults for everything was always ALT and the arrow keys. I just got used to it and it works […]