5 thoughts on “AJAX with ACEGI article

  1. Great article… Just wanted to point out that the property serverSideRedirect is set to false by default and provides the traditional behavior of redirecting to the login page. In your article you say to set the property to false but it should be set to true for the behavior you describe. Semantically, setting serverSideRedirect to true for the forwarding feature seems kind of strange but that’s how they decided to do it.


  2. Excellent article! In your code snippets you refer to a javascript function named ajax_submit_form() – what goes in this function to make the Ajax Acegi login work?


  3. The permalink no longer works.

    I would like to see how you got this working with configuration only, as I would like to do something like this with the latest version of spring and spring security


  4. I don’t really know where the article is any longer, but I believe I did get it published in an online publication. However, after much searching, I can’t find it. I did find another article out there about AJAX and Acegi. I’d also warn that all the information for ACEGI could be deprecated with the latest versions of Spring Security. I’ll look for the article and see if I can get it posted again.


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