Programming languages IM conversation

Here’s a conversation between James and I that started on dynamic languages and went on a tangent about languages, revolutions and evolutions. Ponch: I’ve just been working on Naymz stuff lately. Also tinkering with Groovy and using it with an MVC James Humphrey: haven’t heard any good things about Groovy James Humphrey: hearing a lot […]

SOA thought of the day

SOA is probably the worst breed of marketing because it hides the fact that it is distributed and then people not only shoot themselves in the foot, but blow their whole freakin’ leg off!

AJAX with ACEGi finalized

Ben Alex and I have been working recently to finalize the inclusion of patch I made for getting AJAX login to work with ACEGI. After a number of very constructive conversations and looking at some of the new features in 1.0.3, Ben and I decided to remove the patch and instead leverage a pure configuration […]

The 8 fallacies of distributed computing correction

I have a correction for the 8 fallacies of distributed computing that I think is relevant and as far as I can tell it has not been widely discussed. 3. Bandwidth is infinite I think it is more appropriate that this be 3. Resources are infinite Bandwidth implies a networking constraint in which data cannot […]

New IAP/IAL blog

James and I have decided to start brainstorming and talking more about IAP and IAL. This technology has been kinda stagnant for a while now and we want to start getting it but up and running and moving forward. We’ll be doing all the new discussion, thinking and sharing over at the new blog. Here […]