Ruby reflection 'requires' a lot

I’m been doing some work in Ruby to build a parser framework and I wanted to have pluggable parsers from the command line. I figured this would be simple because in Java it actually is pretty simple, as long as the pluggable parser is in the classpath. Well, with Ruby, this isn’t quite the case. […]

Old Indigo vs. Jini post and blog comment rules

Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of research on SOA and distribution lately for some material I’m putting together for Platinum Solutions and I ran into a post by Craig McMurthy about Indigo vs. Jini. This one is pretty old, but I noticed that Craig was pretty much way off based except for one part. […]

Writing public APIs

I’ve been working with the writers of a popular framework lately on some issues with a release. One of the things we ran into was that the semantics of a method changed with the new release and this in turn made our application stop working. This got me to thinking about APIs in general. It […]