FCGID timeout causing Rails 500 errors

The default timeout for FCGID is pretty low I think (maybe 5-10 seconds). This was causing me SO much grief that I was just about to lose it. I found these posts out there that helped a lot: http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/Debian+mod_fastcgi+Notes http://weblog.rubyonrails.com/2005/01/03/watch-for-huge-requests-on-default-fcgi Of course Ubuntu uses different config locations and such for FCGID, but the configuration names […]

Eeck more Ruby parser crapola!

Oh my god! This one pass Ruby parser is really annoying. Here’s todays example that doesn’t compile: DICTIONARY = create_dictionary def MyClass.create_dictionary … end Yep, you got it, this blows up with a nice error message stating that the variable or method named create_dictionary couldn’t be found. Move the constant definition below, everything is fine. […]

RoR plugin woes

I’m been doing a lot of work with RoR plugins trying to make things generic. The RoR plugin mechanism is just plain horrible. Plugins do not work like most ruby classes because they are loaded in a slightly convoluted way and most errors end up getting swallowed by RoR. Of course this can be fixed, […]