Bluprints 0.4 released

Bluprints 0.4 is released. The website has a lot more information about how to use it and it also has the JavaDoc available for those that want to code directly against the API.

This release has a bunch of new features including namespacing and multiple files and much more. You can read up about it at the project page

I’m still completely astonished at how simple this API is and yet how powerful it is. PLUS there are still no dependencies at all. This means if you want to use it in a web application, just drop in the JAR file. The XML parsing is done via SAX and the entire project is probably only a few hundred lines of code or so. We haven’t had any exceptional cases in production using it as compared to the random 10 exceptions a day we got from Tiles. Overall this is just a rock solid framework with good test coverage and lot of great features. Plus it gets the job done and is really simple. Anyways, enough raving. Enjoy version 0.4.

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