I stand corrected

I stand corrected with respect to the Java.net SubVersion support. I did go to the second page previously, but Java.net can be slow at times and the page did not completely load (honestly), so I assumed the option didn’t exist. Here’s a snapshot of the option:

SubVersion option

But, since I had been monkeying around with it so much, I think I broke it. When I tried to sign up with the same project name I had previously been testing I got this really nasty error message:

Error message

This project is already hosted at SourceForge, so I won’t be moving it, but this error message definitely is a bug considering if you do a project search, no project exists with the name bluprints. None the less, I’m looking forward to how CollabNet and SourceForge and Google Code start competing. I know that Google claims it doesn’t want to detract from SourceForge, but I’m hoping that Google Code at least forces the issue on CollabNet and SourceForge that their model is horribly inefficient and cumbersome. We’ll see. I’m excited.

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