is in the dark ages! (AKA the world needs Google Projects) STILL doesn’t have SubVersion! I mean really? Really? Just not worth it. But then again SourceForge’s crazy FTP crap to release files is just about the lamest thing ever and JavaForge forces you to log in to download files – I mean that could be the lamest idea of them all. The world needs this:

Google Projects
Google projects!

  • A complete API for releasing files
  • A complete API for updating project content
  • A complete API for managing project stuff (mail lists, bugs, etc.)
  • An AJAX project wiki, forums, bugs, lists, etc
  • Google search for open source projects
  • And of course no dumb ideas like login to download files or only offering CVS or FTP uploads.

Okay Google, go forth and code! Or hire someone to code it for you. Or buy some company that does it and make it awesome!

5 thoughts on “ is in the dark ages! (AKA the world needs Google Projects)

  1. Good stuff. I think they should also do this for non-open source efforts. I’d use it.

    For now, TextDrive will do.


  2. Never looked at TextDrive until this morning. They seem expensive. You can almost get a dedicated server for their prices. They do seem to have a lot of good services though. But at the same time I love the power of root on my server! I can install ANYTHING! hehe


  3. Just to let everyone know, Subversion was enabled for new projects at early this year. We are rapidly approaching almost 200 Subversion projects already, and have had very positive feedback from our new project owners. 🙂

    The option to select Subversion is available when you create your new project.

    Helen Chen Site Manager


  4. Helen, my latest post is a screen grab of the sign up process. I see no SubVersion in sight. Also, you do not allow existing projects to switch. This is not the best solution. I’d prefer to see a migration path and a clear option in the sign up.


  5. Oh I see the confusion, that is the first page. There are two pages for the project create. Go to the next page by clicking on the button at the end of this form. The options on the CollabNet page says: Versioning component:
    Which versioning component to use for the project. The choices are CVS, and SCM (based on Subversion).

    I understand your desire for a migration path. It is a big topic that we are discussing within both CollabNet and teams. (And yes, Brian is certainly part of the discussion.Feel free to contact him if you like. )

    Thanks for the clarification. 🙂

    Helen Chen Site Manager


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