Alderman Tunney is kinda an idiot

The Tune-ster
Funny story. Last night I had a sangria craving and so Kenz, Eliot and I went out to buy brandy and some fruit. We noticed that our brand new sidewalks were complete. Our old sidewalk had a HUGE 2′ envraving in it that said “Brian”. Wasn’t me who put it there and I for one liked it and it got me thinking. I thought, “well I’ll just do something really small with Eliot’s initials and then bring him back in 10 years and say, look, those are your initial’s I put there right before we moved.”

On our way back from the store I decided to make it so. I went to work while Kenz and Eliot were walking around and started making my 4″x4″ engraving. All the sudden this crazy biker rides up and says, “oh please don’t do that.” For a second I thought, “you know he’s right.” BUT THEN!!! This idiot said something that just made me pissed. He said, “I’m Alderman Tunney and TOO much money went into this project.” That made me mad. Yeah, MY MONEY YOU KNOB! I pay the Chicago of Chicago so much money in taxes that I think I should own my 4″x4″ square of sidewalk. But, this isn’t the funny part… hehe It gets good.

I look up and notice a lady who has entered our property and is using our hose to fill up some water containers. That’s pretty odd. Then I think, wait a second, this lady is essentially stealing water from us. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but this Tunney moron had spotted us from a few blocks away and rode all the way up to tell us to stop putting a 4″x4″ engraving in OUR sidewalk (which you can’t even see unless you’re right on top of it), but doesn’t bother with the fact that there is some lady stealing right in front of him. Oh, Tunney, the-Tune-ster. You’re an idiot.

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