My interview with Ed Yourdon

Ed Yourdon

I had a great interview with Ed Yourdon last week. Ed has put together a summary of our conversation on his blog.

I’ve also put a post together to respond to the experience Ed had with his Naymz Google ad. This lives over on the Naymz blog. It covers a bit about how Google ads works in general (of course the real system is a black box to us, but we make good guesses at it).

One of the things that I did discuss with Ed was some of my fairly contenous thoughts about the Web 2.0 technology. I’ll be covering that deeper in a post this afternoon as well as my thoughts on what Web 2.0 really is and what I see for Web 3.0.

We also discussed in detail identity management and more importantly identity trust. This is one part of our conversation that Ed skipped over and I think it was mainly because it is a problem that hasn’t been solved yet by Naymz or anyone. It is a tough problem that consumes something like 15-20% of my cycles on a constant basis. One of the major reasons is because I hate SPAM. But more on that later this week I think.

For now, check out Ed’s entry and feel free to send me thoughts and comments with your take on Web 2.0.

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