Alderman Tunney is kinda an idiot

Funny story. Last night I had a sangria craving and so Kenz, Eliot and I went out to buy brandy and some fruit. We noticed that our brand new sidewalks were complete. Our old sidewalk had a HUGE 2′ envraving in it that said “Brian”. Wasn’t me who put it there and I for one […]

My interview with Ed Yourdon

I had a great interview with Ed Yourdon last week. Ed has put together a summary of our conversation on his blog. I’ve also put a post together to respond to the experience Ed had with his Naymz Google ad. This lives over on the Naymz blog. It covers a bit about how Google ads […]

Making jEdit like IntelliJ

First download JDK 1.6 and use that to run jEdit. I also add this tweak to the command line: -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true Also, remove the -server option. No clue if that is gonna help at all in JDK 1.6, but things are blazing fast without it and I assume Swing likes it without. Next, download these plugins: […]

TDD and Agile pondering

I read an old blog entry by Cedric Beust about agile and test driven development (TDD) and I started thinking about some of his points. I agree that tests are not the specification for an application. They are tests. Seems simple. I think what most Agile folks are missing is that tests form an additional […]

Configuration vs. convention

My buddy Dave Thomas has an interesting blog entry concerning convention vs. configuration. I’ve given it a considerable amount of thought today because it is something that hits you square in the face when switching between frameworks and languages (i.e. WebWork to Rails and back each day). Both have upsides and downsides and nothing seems […]