My JavaOne session review

I got my JavaOne session review today. Not too shabby considering that my laptop was completely unable to display the presentation and only two of the three presenters spoke (hehe). Here are the stats: Version-Aware SOA Using Jiniâ„¢ and Javaâ„¢ OF-0579 COOL STUFF Overall 4.10 How accurately the session abstract matched the presentation 4.00 Speaker […]

The hunt has slowed drastically

The person who left the last comment has not yet revealed themself but they did state that they did not sign up for the GMail account. This is a bummer, but doesn’t mean that the hunt is off. Perhaps the secret GMail person will find my blog and post a few clues. In the meantime, […]

Something very strange happened today. Someone signed up for a GMail account using the address and they used my email address as the secondary email. So, naturally I received a verification email and wondered whether I was sleep coding last night and happened to sign up for a random GMail account or if James […]

Ruby is a single pass parser! Eeck!

Okay, I’ve been using ruby for a while now and I really like it, so don’t flame me. BUT! Ruby appears to be a single pass parser. This means if you have a class that uses another class in the same file, you have to define them in the correct order. Yeah, this is something […]

Bluprints 0.1

I finally got fed up with Tiles and wrote something new. Naymz had a bunch of random exceptions in the logs and almost all of them were caused by Tiles. I started digging and eventually just got mad at the whole situation. WebWork had repackaged tiles and apache was still supporting the Struts tiles. I […]

Naymz has launched!

For those that don’t know what I’ve been up to for the past month or so, the site I’ve been working on has launched. The site is located at I’ll give a quick run down of what we do and what technologies we used. First of all Naymz is an online identity site. We […]