Fix for slow linux java remote debugging

If you are using the new linux kernel (2.6.x) and remote debugging is slow, there was a change in the kernel that revealed a bug in the JDK with remote debugging. There is a fix thoug by running this command: sudo /sbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_abc=0 This changes the algorithm that breaks up TCP packets (if I […]

Hibernate collection fetching

Hibernate doesn’t fetch collections within a bean in the same session the beans were created in. If you need objects in those collections later on within that session, you had better put them in there. This even holds true when you go back to hibernate to refetch the same object instance. Here’s a quick example: […]

Hibernate updates and MySQL 5.0 InnoDB Max

Something else came up today with all this transaction and MySQL stuff. Looks like Hibernate updates do not work unless the session is participating in a transaction when using MySQL InnoDB Max with the default isolation level set to READ-COMMITTED or READ-UNCOMITTED. The tricky part is that inserts work fine but updates never get executed. […]

What Spring does for hibernate transactions

I need to remember this, so I’ll post it. Spring transaction (annotations or proxies) will join the current session, which is associated with the current thread of execution, if there is one or create a new session if there isn’t one. This is the default behavior. However, if you specify REQUIRES_NEW it creates a new […]

8 hour mysql debug fest

Tony and I just got done with an 8 hour debug fest of our DB code. This was rather brutal and finally we ended up with a mess of souts (IJ users will know these as System.out.printlns) to track it down. The issue was that if I start a transaction and then call to another […]

Using custom JavaScript for AJAX with WebWork2

WebWork2 contains ftl and js files inside the webwork JAR and these two types of files make up a template for a theme. Anyways, customizing the ftl files is covered in the wiki but making custom js files is not covered. I figured out how to do this though by walking through the WebWork2 filter […]

MTS2005 – Flash back

I totally spaced putting this picture up. Steve Loethen from MS sent this to me from last years MTS. That’s me and Brett up front (I’m the idiot in the picture as always haha) and a few other developers. You can also spy a few other notorious Java folks in the background. First person to […]