Ubuntu on my Dell 700m FINALLY!

EDIT: These instructions are for Ubuntu version 5 and lower! If you are installing Ubuntu 6 and higher, you only need to run a single command: sudo apt-get install 915resolution /EDIT Well, I’ve gone back to Linux and of course it wasn’t pretty. Driver support just will NEVER be as fast as it is for […]

InstantRails iconv.dll issue

Recently had an issue with InstantRails where executing ruby would cause a dialog to appear that said iconv.dll couldn’t be found. This is easy to solve by adding the InstantRailsrubylib directory to your PATH variable.

SubVersion and Java.net

Java.net is thinking about adding SubVersion support to their offering. If you are like most of us developers and love SubVersion over CVS, please help everyone that uses Java.net by adding a reply to this forum so that the Java.net team will add SubVersion. http://tinyurl.com/bp52s I converted this to a TinyURL to help my blog […]