IAP mentioned on Java.net blog

On Friday one of the developers from Sun’s Fast WebService team, Santiago Pericas-Geertsen, posted a blog entry that included a reference to our work on IAP. I’m a big fan of Fast Infoset (FI), which is the technology and standard that is driving the Fast WebServices and the binary XML movement. This technology is a […]

IAP and Savant runtime

Inversoft has finally launched the IAP specification. This release has been stewing for a long time and it is finally out in the world. I’m still extremely excited about IAP and the possibilities for it. I’ll be spending my time this week sporadically sending out announcements hoping to drum up some interest. The only way […]

JCM Day 2

This is a bit late, but day 2 of the JCM went pretty well. There still is a sense of the need to spread the word about Jini to the rest of the world as well as the need to use Jini as a replacement for J2EE and Web Services. Honestly, I think there are […]

JCM Day 1

Jim Waldo was the keynote speaker today and had some great things to say about the future of computing on the network and about many things that plague everyone building large applications. The work that Brian Zimmer and I have done at Orbitz attempts to address a good portion of what Jim covered. The main […]