Communication patterns

I received this from a friend via email and I thought it was a very interesting comment. My thoughts on patterns has changed lately, but I still think they are valuable. Here’s the email: I am unfortunately unable to make it to tonight’s CJUG so I just wanted to pass along some information. Since we’re […]

Random in Java

Just debugging some Java over the weekend and one thing that floated around was that using STRACE on various Java threads produced output that had the error: EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable) Poking around there is a bug open with Sun about how Java produces random numbers on JDK 1.4. Looks like it reads in the […]

NIO on Windows

I received this on the Chicago Java User Group list and thought I would post my findings. I’m not a Dr. Dobbs subscriber, so forgive me if this is redundant. I tried to rewrite a lighweight, stateful IO-and-thread-based server as an NIO-and-selector-based one, but gave up when I ran into a hard limit on the […]

Threading in NIO

Here’s an email with a question about my NIO article and my response: Hi Brian, I very much enjoyed your article in the Dr. Dobbs September issue. Was wondering whether it made sense to combine multi-threading with the selector. More specifically, after method processKeys calls method selector.selectedKeys, it could then delegate the I/O to worker […]