Quick thoughts on LOP and DSLs

I read an interesting article by Sergey Dmitriev of JetBrains on LOP and DSLs. Here’s the link


I had some initial thoughts:

1. What is the learning curve for these DSLs and each LOP going to be?
2. How many LOP instances could we expect and how many of us will need to learn them?

The main reason these come to mind is the constant battle to standardize in the Java world or at least “de-facto standard”ize. This stuff is important because I can put Spring and JSF on job descriptions, interview questions and training program and be able to get engineers into the code much quicker. Are DSLs so simple that the learning curve is reduced enough to make them benefitial? Or are they increasing the number of days (weeks) (months) I have to wait until a new hire can work in the code making them less beneficial in large applications with hundreds of developers. Likewise, what is the breadth of DSLs required for large enterprise applications and what is the trade off in creating new ones for new features/applications as opposed to the use generic languages when considering time to market and business development ideals?

Something I’ll have to think about some more.

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