JavaBeans, immutability and constructors

Dan Moore shot me an email with a question about JavaBeans, constructors and immutability. It is something that I have been thinking about and implementing in various ways for a while because of my passion for domain modeling. My reply to Dan was one of the two ways that I prefer to implement immutability with […]

RMI and Jini use of UID and ObjID

Working with RMI and Jini today and I found a few tidbits that I needed to set down somewhere for future reference. 1. The RMIServer assigns a unique identifier whenever a remote object is registered (UnicastRemoteObject.export() or via extension). This is the class ObjID and it uses the class UID to store the server/host namespace […]

ClassLoaders and delegates

ClassLoaders are interesting and I’ve been playing around with them a lot lately and definitely needed to jot a few things down so that I could not only remember it all but also use if for future reference and allow everyone else to do the same. ClassLoaders reference class definitions, not data. Class definitions are […]