What happened to Newegg?

Something is very wrong with Newegg. They used to be one of the best places to buy computers and electronics online. Now they are horrible. Here’s my list of issues with them: Lots of misleading product information. We recently bought a monitor that claimed it supported 2560×1440 resolution when in fact it didn’t. The DisplayPort […]

Fixed Safari Autofill on localhost

After updating to Yosemite, which updated Safari to version 8, autofill stopped working for localhost. After some searching, it appears that this is due new security rules for Safari and OS X. Of course, that didn’t stop me from trying to get this working again as it made developing on localhost very cumbersome. The fix […]

Mac command line gold!

Mac command line gold! Copy a file to the clipboard: $ cat ~/.zshrc | pbcopy The contents of my .zshrc are now on the clipboard and I can paste them into any other application (Mail.app, Word, whatever). Paste the clipboard contents to the shell: $ pbpaste > foo.txt Anything that was on the clipboard is […]

Using IDEA for Git merging and diffing

A cool bit of CLI trickery that James Humphrey shared with me. This allows you to use IDEA for diffing and merging via git’s mergetool and difftool commands. First, add IDEA to your path (everything is in Mac-speak here): Bash export INTELLIJ_HOME /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA 12.app/Contents/MacOS PATH=$IDEA_HOME $PATH Fish set INTELLIJ_HOME /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA 12.app/Contents/MacOS set PATH […]

MyBatis TypeHandler phantom errors

I’ve found another annoyance with MyBatis (there are many so be on the lookout for a long blog post that covers everything). This one has to do with how MyBatis handles missing TypeHandlers and required a bit of time stepping through their code. If you have an object that contains a field whose type is […]

Order matters with MyBatis Configuration

If you are using MyBatis TypeHandlers in your Configuration, you need to register them BEFORE you add your Mapper instances. As it turns out, MyBatis proactively parses your XML and completely configures each mapper when it is registered. If you mapper XML uses results that need a TypeHandler, you must register those before hand. Here’s […]

Gradle review

Inversoft has recently switched from Savant to Gradle until Savant 2.0 is finalized and can effectively rolled out (if this ever happens). Gradle is a decent temporary solution, but as a build tool junkie, it rubs me the wrong way. Here are some things that we encountered during the switch that Savant addresses. Maven Central […]