Nov 152006

SOA is probably the worst breed of marketing because it hides the fact that it is distributed and then people not only shoot themselves in the foot, but blow their whole freakin’ leg off!

Nov 062006

I have a correction for the 8 fallacies of distributed computing that I think is relevant and as far as I can tell it has not been widely discussed.

3. Bandwidth is infinite

I think it is more appropriate that this be

3. Resources are infinite

Bandwidth implies a networking constraint in which data cannot flow via the ethernet card at an infinite speed nor at an infinite amount. Bandwidth is normally measured in bytes per second, so this interpretation seems accurate.

Resources on the other hand allow this fallacy to encompass so much more than simply network bandwidth. The network is a resource as is disk space as are file handles and sockets. Therefore, expanding this fallacy into a larger category you can start to include distributed computing problems such as finite database connections shared across machines, fixed number of TCP endpoints per machine (inbound and outbound) and so many others.

If you are worried about the term resources being too general than this can be adapted to:

3. Network resources are infinite