Jul 282011

Oracle is hosting a webinar today covering the awesome performance of their Exadata system. Sure Oracle’s OLTP tests probably do slightly more than Clean Speak does, but 1,870 transactions in 2 minutes hardly seems like something to rave about.

The Clean Speak profanity filter handles between 5,000 and 10,000 messages per second. The profanity filter doesn’t hit the database, but the Clean Speak Moderator tool does.

The latest tests of the Moderation tool put it around 1,000-2,000 messages per second.

So, if we use Oracle’s time granularity of 2 minutes, Clean Speak handles anywhere from 60,000-600,000 messages. Perhaps Oracle needs to work on optimizing their OTLP test system a bit.

Jul 182011

The ?js_string doesn’t work quite right for JSON since it ends up escaping single-quotes. This isn’t quite right for JSON since it only allows Strings to be specified using double-quotes. Therefore, in order to properly escape Strings in FreeMarker for JSON, you need to write a custom method and add it to the model. Here’s my code for a JSON escaper method:

The JSONBuilder is a class that I wrote for creating JSON using the builder pattern. However, the escape method looks like this:

Then I add this method to my model and render the template:

My templates look like this:

Jul 012011

I’m surprised that Friendster is even still around, but today I got an email from their CEO and it had the entire MIME body in the message. These guys can’t even figure out how to send email.