Feb 042008

I’m releasing JCatapult milestone 1 as I type. This is the first major release of JCatapult and the first of two milestone releases before 1.0 is released in March. This release is stable and contains the majority of the functionality that will be included in 1.0. The documentation is still in progress, but anyone is welcome to take a look and play around with JCatapult before 1.0. Here’s the website:



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  1. Hey Brian, this looks good.

    What is your “elevator pitch” for your framework? Why might one want to use JCatapult over say AppFuse, Grails, and like ( I can think of reasons why you might not want to use those or other similar projects, but I’d like to hear what your goals are and what niche you’re targeting ).

    I checked out the code and if I get a little time, I’ll take it for a spin!

  2. Congrats!

    Good luck in your presentation tonight too.

  3. jcatapult.guice.modules ????

  4. JCatapult’s Guice integration is now discovery based. It still supports the configuration parameter listing the guice modules, but it also dynamically finds the modules in the classpath and automatically loads them up. This makes it much simpler to add components that require modules.

  5. i can’t see jcatapult.properties in the jcatapult..examples?????

  6. You only need to use jcatapult.properties in your application if you want to override JCatapult framework configuration items, which most applications won’t need to. Most applications will only need to use the JCatapult configuration files located in WEB-INF/config.

    Also, the exmaples need some cleaning. They were created a while back and might not run. But, they might run, I just haven’t tried them in a while. The examples will be ready for 1.0 though, so stay tuned.

  7. very expect.

  8. jcatapult.properties in org.jcatapult.guice.GuiceContainer

    How to configure??

  9. GuiceContainer will discover all modules automatically. Those properties are only useful if you want to override this discovery mechanism. If you place any module class is the classpath of a JCatapult application, GuiceContainer will find it and add it to the Injector.

    However, if you want to override how GuiceContainer discovers modules, you can add a jcatapult.properties file to your WEB-INF/classes or place it into your applications JAR file in the root package and add those properties.

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