Nov 272007

Found a way to do this in a single line. Works nicely.

  7 Responses to “The last positional parameter in bash”

  1. To get the REST of the parameters:

    eval “rest=\”for d in seq 1 \$[\$# – 1]; do echo -n \\\$\$d\ ; done\””

  2. The following works better:

    eval “last=\\${$#}”

  3. Crap. It’s the following that works better:

    eval “last=\${$#}”

  4. $(echo $@ |cut -d\ -f $#)

  5. last=$(echo $@ |cut -d\ -f $#)

  6. function cu() { eval ‘lasta=$’$#’;’; echo $last; };cu a b c daaa

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