Nov 012007

No dist upgrade. On Ubuntu (debian):

On all the rest:

  6 Responses to “The only reason I just can’t use Solaris, RedHat, etc”

  1. Here, here – after starting with Linux about 10 years ago (Red Hat 5) I’ve run through Mandrake, Slackware (for a long time), Debian, Gentoo (another long time) to settle on FreeBSD for my server for many years. Still, it’s been Ubuntu on the desktop for about as long, since it ‘just works’. I had to setup another box to run a malware honeypot, so I used Debian Etch. Using Debian on a server again was a breath of fresh air, I’ve now switched my old FreeBSD server out with Debian, and I couldn’t be happier. I still love FreeBSD, and think admin’ing it is very logical, but Debain is it for me for now.

    At work I’m forced to deal with RHEL4…uggg…I pine for the day when I can spec an HP server to run Debian on, HP doesn’t distribute boxes with Deb preinstalled, but they do support Deb on HP.

    Nice site, I’m reading your Ajax login page; thanks for the code samples.


  2. While you’re at it:

    sudo apt-get install sun-java6-*

  3. Yeah, we do a lot of CentOS deploys and I just don’t like the feel of Redhat anymore. Like Solaris, it just hasn’t become at all user friendly. Plus, I love the way that Ubuntu is actually making things better. They rewrote init because it had issues. This is the type of company I can get behind.

    I’m hoping that someone will eventually rewrite the entire shell, readline, tty, term, termcap thing. I mean can we break away from ANSI please? :) It’s a new millennium and we have a few million colors on every monitor and loads of keys and shortcuts that would be useful. Let’s use them!

  4. While you’re at it:

    sudo apt-get install sun-java6-*

  5. redhat and fedora have always been pretty easy.

    up2date -u


    yum install

  6. Unfortunately neither or these does a distribution upgrade, unless they have changed something. The use case in Fedora terms would be a command that would upgrade me from Fedora Core 8 to Fedora Core 9.

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