Jul 112007

Just read Bob’s post from a bit back about XML and annotations and it occurred to me that Bob’s like the rest of us. We LOVE pointing out flaws in things that annoy us! My string of “Why Hibernate Sucks” posts pulled in a ton of comments when they first appeared just like Bob’s post pulled in more comments than if he had used the P.C. name of “Annotation Myth Busters”. With my posts, as with Bob’s, the Hibernate folks pounced (the Spring guys pounced on Bob’s post) and we had some nice comments going back and forth. I decided to scaled back the titles to “Hibernate pitfalls” to be more P.C. but really I think in many ways “Hibernate sucks” and probably should have stuck to my guns a bit more.

Just to give you some context of why I changed my post names… A while ago I was working for a company and I made some comments about the programmers at that company being crazy about coding standards. Of course I phrased in a much worse manner. Well, if you did a little bit of Google searching you found my name next to these comments. The truth was the employees at the company were a bit nutso about coding standard. Member variables names must start with underscores, you must not use the this keyword, 4 spaces, no tabs, curlies on same line, no newlines, no continuation indents, etc. etc. I mean it was a like a 10 page coding standard document. Well, I loath coding standards. I code the way that makes sense to me and things like underscores don’t make sense. They are hard to type, slow me down, are ugly to me and don’t add any value except to VIM users who refuse to install plugins.

(EDIT based on comments below. I don’t hate coding standards in general. I hate being forced to use someone else’s 10 pages of coding standards that don’t feel right to me. Feel free to read my comments below to fully understand my position. Also, my moto is ‘if you can’t work in other peoples code and ignore the style, you should probably find a different type of job’)

As it turned out, my manager found these comments. He, luckily, was an awesome guy and very savvy about corporate communication. We talked about the comments and I went back and changed them to make them more PC and of course removed the company name. So, now I’m a bit more careful when it comes to what I write. But the fact still remains that sometimes I really WANT to say “Hibernate sucks”. The fact of life is that its all a game and if you piss off the wrong person, they could make your life miserable or fire you on the spot. Plus, as I’ve learned, it’s much more fun to think of intelligent ways to point out things that suck anyways.

Jul 012007

I’ll keep editing as I go:

Install LaunchBox

Open apps->gnome-launch-box->bindings and set activate to

This allows gnome-launch-box to be activated using the Windows-L shortcut.

Next setup gnome-launch-box to start automatically. Open System->Preferences->Sessions and create a new Startup Program. I use this command line:

Install Compiz/Beryl merge latest

In progress.