Nov 152006

Ben Alex and I have been working recently to finalize the inclusion of patch I made for getting AJAX login to work with ACEGI. After a number of very constructive conversations and looking at some of the new features in 1.0.3, Ben and I decided to remove the patch and instead leverage a pure configuration driven approach, which does leverage mostly redirects to handle AJAX authentication.

I’ll be putting together an article for how to accomplish the AJAX login today and initially posting it here as well as possibly over at JavaLobby. It will cover the steps required to get AJAX login working with ACEGI 1.x and will also cover a feature in 1.0.3 that allows a forward instead of a redirect in one instance.

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  1. Hi Brian,

    I read a few of your posts regarding Ajax and Acegi and was wondering where I can find the post on AJAX login.

    Currently, I’m using the following but I could be a little outdated:

    Thanks in advance.

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