Oct 252006

Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of research on SOA and distribution lately for some material I’m putting together for Platinum Solutions and I ran into a post by Craig McMurthy about Indigo vs. Jini. This one is pretty old, but I noticed that Craig was pretty much way off based except for one part. I won’t get into that, but I was considering leaving s comment. Well, turns out Craig couldn’t take the heat (I’m assuming) of his unresearched post, incorrect and misleading statements and turned comments off.

So, here’s my warning to everyone, if you see a post that doesn’t allow comments, just skip it, it’s probably flame-bait or completely incorrect. And to bloggers, leave comments on. It’s the only way to validate yourself with millions of blogs and hordes of information flying about.

  3 Responses to “Old Indigo vs. Jini post and blog comment rules”

  1. nice :)

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. Your more than welcome to disagree with me… That being said, you don’t see me turning off comments on my blog. I’m more than willing to discuss things in depth with people, even months or years later, which is completely evident by this post being over a year old. That was my point.

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